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about us

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Susipwan Institute Gampaha
Susipwan Gampaha

Our sole aim is to encourage the children of our nation to reach goals in such a place where they can fully concenrate without any disturbance while enjoying the great facilities with the sole intention of winnig the future.


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Proudly Present for the first time in Siyane city, "Susipwan Higher Education Institute ", Sri Lanka's only one state of the art auditorium built with luxury oh high technology and modern technology for the children of the future.

The Susipwan Higher Education Institute has designed to be aesthetically pleasing, both indoors and outdoors with modern amenities like Air-Conditioned auditorium, Sophisticated loudspeakers, widescreen mounted to make the lecturer and the lecture clear, comfortable seating that allows you to sit in one sitting for an extended period without any difficulties and the restaurant.

In the short period since its founding, we have been able to become the heir to the great results of Gampaha, Colombo under the guidance of an outstanding staff.